Thursday, September 22, 2011

Timeshare-Answers Scam and Complaints

Consumer complaints on timeshare properties that keep plummeting down in resale value which makes them harder to get rid of and companies which profits using scam techniques promising a timeshare resale.
ORLANDO, FL, September 21, 2011 (eReleases) – Timeshare-Answers, a Timeshare Cancellation expert explores timeshare complaints and timeshare scammer issues. The economy is spiraling down and a lot of companies take advantage of this situation to manipulate and scam timeshare owners by promising a “buyer”.
More and more people are becoming victims of fraud, misrepresentation and timeshare scam. As timeshare owners are getting desperate to get out of timeshare contracts, scammed victims are rising. Somehow, somebody has to protect and prevent these customers from being manipulated.
“I can’t believe I’ve been paying for my timeshare and this timeshare company that promised to get things moving.” Sarah, 3 year owner of her timeshare complained. Furthermore, “The only thing moving is my payment to these sharks and I have not gotten any leads for the past 5 months.”
There is definitely unrest on the timeshare community about scammers. Owners are scammed over and over that is why, Timeshare-Answers – an industry expert and professionally recognized in the industry as the ‘go to’ people for timeshare cancellation. They have been frequently contacted by attorneys whom timeshare owners go to for expert advice and knowledge about how to get out of a timeshare.
You may visit their website at to your path of getting rid of timeshare.
Timeshare-Answers is a timeshare cancellation expert, providing timeshare solutions to your questions. If you have questions like: “How to get out of a timeshare”, “how to cancel a timeshare contract’ etc. call Timeshare-Answers. THEY HAVE YOUR TIMESHARE ANSWERS!
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